What is a coating machine

When the profile moves in the conveying direction, the glued decorative material is rolled point by point by the pressing roller and the forming wheel to realize the composite work of the two.

Universal coating machine

The universal coating machine is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative paint paper, and solid wood skin on the surface of various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles, foam materials and so on. Instead of traditional paint process, it is used for surface overlay production of door cover wire, baseboard, gusset, curtain rod, window sill, aluminum alloy doors and windows, photo frame and so on.

Working principle of coating machine

A variety of molding rollers are used to simulate the manual veneer action, and the surface decoration material is attached to the surface of the substrate. Generally, the center line or the highest point or the lowest point of the profile is selected as the starting point. Fix the position in sequence to form the envelope of the profile.

Coating material

1. Base material: wood lines, MDF, wood plastic, plastic steel, PVC, aluminum profiles and other lines. Substrate requirements: It is a regular line profile, which can have grooves and curved surfaces, but each point must be straight in the longitudinal direction and have certain pressure resistance. The length is generally more than 40 cm to infinity.

2. Veneer materials: PVC decorative film, decorative paper, solid wood skin, Boeing board, composite aluminum film, etc. The width is determined according to the needs of the substrate and the selected model, and is generally less than 50 cm.

For example, the maximum width of the 300-type universal coating machine is 30 cm. Generally used in rolls. There are also extra-wide profiles of about 100 cm on the market. The solid wood skin can be in rolls or single sheets. The solid wood skin is generally with non-woven fabric on the bottom. The surface material without non-woven fabric is not permeable to glue, and it is easy to break when cornered.

Mechanical type of coating machine

Universal coating machine is generally divided into two types of cold glue and hot glue.

1. The cold glue coating machine uses liquid glue. Liquid glue can be divided into solvent glue and water-based glue.

 There are two types of blade coating and roller coating. The volatile solvent glue is applied by squeegee, and the glue box is easy to be sealed to prevent the cover glue from volatilizing. Water-based adhesives and solvent adhesives with low volatility are generally roller coated for easy operation

2. Hot glue coating machine, using solid glue, hot glue box in the coating machine

It is used after internal heating and melting. Generally, the heating temperature of the coating glue is about 220℃. Suitable for pasting solid wood skin and decorative paint paper.

3. Combined coating machine

For production needs, the universal coating machine has cold glue hot glue combination type, cold glue squeegee roll coating combination type, grid cloth special type, etc.