Simple Knowledge About Flooring

Floor in the decoration market, many people in the choice of floor this link racked their brains very headache, when buying each business will say the advantages and benefits of their own home floor, will mislead us to choose, so we do not know how to choose the floor. So as the industry, I will tell you some knowledge about the floor, so that when you buy, you can more easily distinguish the good and excellent quality.

Classify of Flooring

There are many types of floors, so let’s see the specific classification as follows:

  • According to the structure, there are: solid wood floor, reinforced composite wood floor, three-layer solid wood composite floor, bamboo wood floor, anti-corrosion floor, cork floor and the most popular multi-layer solid wood composite floor;
  • According to their uses, they are: floor for home use, floor for commercial use, anti-static floor, outdoor floor, floor for stage dance, floor for sports hall, floor for track and field, etc;
  • According to the classification of environmental protection grade, there are: E1 grade floor, E0 grade floor, F4 star floor of JAS star standard, etc.
  • At present, there are some special floors in the Chinese market that publicize geothermal. In fact, as long as the base material is stable, does not crack, does not deform, has high environmental protection performance, can heat and conduct, and can be used even for pure solid wood floor and floor heating.

Maintain flooring is important thing

  1. After the wood floor is purchased and installed in place, the daily maintenance is the most important in the long-term use process, which directly affects the service life of the floor. Although the reinforced floor has many advantages, such as wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, compression resistant, impact resistant, easy to clean, care, good dimensional stability, etc., it can not be ignored in the use of scientific maintenance. Because there are quite a lot of problems caused by improper use and maintenance of the floor.
  • Always keep the floor dry and clean, do not use a lot of water to wash, and pay attention to avoid local long-term water immersion. If there are oil stains and stains on the floor, it is necessary to remove them in time. It can be treated with household mild neutral detergent and warm water. It is better to use the special floor cleaning and protection liquid matched with the floor to clean. Do not use caustic water, oxalic acid, soapy water and other corrosive liquids to contact the floor surface, and do not use inflammables such as gasoline and other high-temperature liquids to wipe the floor. Solid wood floor, multi-layer solid wood floor often waxed to keep luster and reduce paint aging wear.
  • it is recommended to place a pad at the door to prevent dust particles from entering and damaging the floor; the overweight items should be placed stably; please do not drag when carrying furniture, and it is better to lift.
  • When there is no one living in the house, pay attention to opening windows and ventilation.
  • If the floor is soaked in water due to special circumstances, the water shall be cleaned up in time, and the floor dealer shall be informed in time. The floor shall be removed by special personnel, and the floor installation shall be carried out after the floor and wall are completely dry.
  • If the customer uses floor heating at home, please heat the ground strictly according to the requirements of geothermal heating, so as to avoid improper temperature regulation and impact on the floor.