Melon seeds powerful health

Melon seeds are rich in nutrition and attractive in aroma, with many kinds: sunflower seeds, sea melon seeds, white melon seeds, hanging melon seeds, watermelon seeds, cucumber seeds, loofah seeds, etc. Seeds such as pumpkin, sesame and sunflower pack a powerful health punch and a quick look at their nutrient content will tell you why. Sunflower seed is the fruit of sunflower. It can not only be used as a snack, but also as a raw material for making pastry. It is also an important oil extracting raw material and a high-grade healthy oil source. Sea melon seeds are a special product of sea water, which is characterized by fresh and delicious meat. White melon seeds can be eaten directly after being fried, and can also be made into multi flavor melon seeds by adding materials, with delicious taste. Chaenomeles seed is known as the “king of melon seeds” because it tastes soft, crisp and fragrant, has a bright brown appearance and full seeds. It is the top grade of edible melon seeds.

Nutritional value of melon seeds

Melon seeds contain many nutrients, such as various micro-elements, vitamin E and a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, and because the protein structure is more reasonable, it is easy to be absorbed by the human body after consumption. The high oil content and excessive consumption of melon seeds will lead to the disorder of fat metabolism in the body and the accumulation of fat in the liver, thus increasing the burden on the liver and affecting its normal function. In addition, the teeth of the elderly are no more than those of the young, and excessive consumption of such food will also have an impact on the teeth. Therefore, when eating melon seeds, you can eat one or two at a time, and after eating, you should get up to exercise, do some simple exercises, and don’t eat and go to sleep.

Effect and function of melon seeds

There are many benefits to eat melon seeds properly because seeds contain high levels of essential fatty acids, all amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium and manganese for the formation of a complete and digestible protein. For example, linoleic acid in melon seeds can keep blood pressure stable, reduce cholesterol and so on. Different types of melon seeds have different functions and functions:

1. Sunflower seeds are rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.

2. Watermelon seed can strengthen stomach, lung and intestines.

3. It is reported that sunflower seed has medical value and can cure diarrhea, pustule and other diseases.

4. Pumpkin seed has the function of insect repellent. If you eat some melon seeds properly, it can stimulate the taste nerve on the tongue, promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, facilitate digestion and health, and promote the movement of facial muscles.

Not benefits from melon seeds

But because melon seeds contain a certain amount of sugar, diabetes patients should eat as little as possible. If they eat 500 grams of melon seeds every day, it will definitely have an impact on blood sugar, which is not conducive to diabetes patients to control blood sugar. In addition, melon seeds contain not only rich protein, but also oil. Large amount of food not only increases the heat, but also increases the blood lipid. Part of blood lipids can be transformed into glucose through gluconeogenesis, which can increase blood glucose. In addition, when eating melon seeds, saliva will be lost due to sticking on the shell of melon seeds.

Excessive loss of saliva will lead to oral ulcer, gingivitis, caries, dyspepsia and other diseases, as well as dullness of taste and loss of appetite.