Competition Of Paper Straw Market In 2020

No matter milk and cans of soft drinks in supermarkets, or cold and hot drinks in restaurants and cafes, straws have become a standard. As a kind of straw, plastic straw is widely used in food industry because of its low cost and simple technology. At present, most of us use plastic straws in our daily life. Although plastic straws are convenient for people’s lives, the impact on the environment is incalculable. In the United States alone, people lose 500 million straws every day. According to One Less Straw, these straws can go around the earth two and a half times.

Paper straw VS plastic straw

Compared with plastic straw, paper straw is made of paper, which is an environmental protection straw. It can be degraded and disappeared in the soil after several months of use. It will not cause any pollution to the environment and is more conducive to green and sustainable development. Obviously, it is particularly important to use paper straw instead of plastic straw. However, the production process of paper straw is relatively complex, and the cost is high. In order to maximize the interests of many food businesses, the paper straw is more exclusive, so it is obviously difficult to realize the paper straw instead of plastic straw.

Straw is an important product in both developed and developing countries. In recent years, with the rapid development of food service packaging industry, while bringing convenience to people’s lives, more and more plastic straws and similar products that are discarded at random begin to cause a burden on the environment, while paper straw gradually shows its advantages due to its recyclability. Paper straw is a kind of environmental protection straw, which can be degraded and disappeared in soil after several months. The global paper straw market can be divided into North America, Asia Pacific region including Japan, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Paper straw industry with its analysis report in China

The main analysis points of the market competition analysis report of paper straw industry include:

  • Competition within the paper straw industry. There may be several reasons for the intensification of internal competition in the industry as follows:The first is the slow growth of the industry and the fierce competition for market share; The Second is that the number of competitors is large and the competitive power is almost equal; Third, the products or services provided by competitors are roughly the same, or only a small number of them show no obvious difference; The fourth, for the benefit of scale economy, some enterprises have expanded their production scale, the market balance has been broken, and a large number of products have been surplus.
  • The bargaining power of customers in the paper straw industry. Industry customers may be consumers or users of industry products, and may also be buyers of goods. The bargaining power of customers is reflected in whether the seller can reduce the price, improve the quality of products or provide better service.
  • The bargaining power of suppliers in the paper straw industry depends on whether the suppliers can effectively encourage the buyers to accept higher prices, earlier payment time or more reliable payment methods.